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Moon Days

In the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga, the days of the full moon and new moon are considered 'yoga holidays'. We do not practice Ashtanga Yoga on those days. During moon days the sun and moon are aligned in such a manner that they exert a greater gravitational force on the planet.

It has been very common in India for a long time to take a day off during the new and full moon. This has also been a tradition that has been embraced by the system of yoga, and therefore as Ashtanga practitioners, we get some extra time off as well.

The best example of the effects that the moon cycles have on our planet and our planet's waters can be seen in high and low tides. These are caused by the moon. Since our bodies are made up of approximately 60% of water it only makes sense that the moon has a huge effect on us as well. That is why, in Ashtanga Yoga, we choose to live in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and take a rest day on both full and new moon days.

Moon Days 2024

* All times are local time for Madeira


Thursday 11 – new moon

Thursday 25 – full moon


Friday 9 – new moon

Saturday 24 – full moon


Sunday 10 – new moon

Monday 25 – full moon

Monday 8 – new moon

Wednesday 24 – full moon


Wednesday 8 – new moon

Thursday 23 – full moon

Thursday 6 – new moon

Saturday 22 – full moon


Friday 5 – new moon

Sunday 21 – full moon


Sunday 4 – new moon

Monday 19 – full moon

Tuesday 3 – new moon

Wednesday 18 – full moon

Wednesday 2 – new moon

Thursday 17 – full moon


Friday 1 – new moon

Friday 15 – full moon

Sunday 1 – new moon

Sunday 15 – full moon

Monday 30 - new moon

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